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Lincoln Park No.2

Razor sharp lines and rustic curves. Bold saturation and airy naturals. Evocations that seem in stark contrast. When crossing threshold into this home however, such would-be contrasts in fact complement one another perfectly. Metallic accents add to the mix tasteful eye-catching reflection points without the heavy hand of distraction. Warm oak meets cool steel as the space continues its intriguing juxtapositions between nature and industry. In the kitchen, rustic reds meet warm metallics; bridged by rich naturally stained cherry as a cozy nook opens to high ceilings and modern cabinetry. The plush tones of the sunlit living room lift dramatically into the spirited blues and greens of the upstairs bedrooms. The laughter of playful blues spills out from one child’s bedroom while a delicate ballet pink performs an Assemblé landing just shy of the calming transition of the hall as it in turn cools your stroll down an intricate marble path to the bathroom. The cool blues of slate surrounding the bathtub are warmed by the wheat tones of the walls. Playful polka dots festively skirt the windows reminding us to have fun. With life as well as within this home design, that lesson is well taught.

-Robin Harmon, Interior Designer

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