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Nestled in historic Beverly, every Layer within this home is neatly pressed and dressed in Modern Glam Design. Rich velvets drape and lounge on the tight lines of modern elegance. Warm light spills out from the silk confines of the overhead crystal chandelier. It splashes over the generous deep federal dining table. The polish of its lacquered tuxedo black is so high that it reflects the light- bouncing it from the chrome to the glass to the gold accents that stand in elegant symmetry around the room. Cool grays wash the walls and rest within the deep thunder toned stone of the island countertop as marigold touches draw attention to the intricate and vast carved tuck island and breakfast nook. A modern twist dances into the living room as the clean lines of the sectional invite relaxation while you take in the similar colors of the artwork. Patterns emerge as you walk along on guided tour by the richly stained hardwood floors. From the delicate textures on the walls to the soft touches on the dining chairs to the commanding frames of the pass throughs, this gallery is not to be anything short of admired for its sophistication. 

-Robin Harmon, Interior Designer

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